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We pride ourselves in providing a new innovative way of matching families with companion pets. Puppy Therapy is a concept that departs from commercial breeders who operate large-scaled puppy stores. We know first hand through personal experience with our four-legged friends that there is a deep connection between animals and humans because of the loving interaction that is present in relationship to each other. We disagree with the process of commercial breeders and believe that we must be committed and accountable for ensuring that each family is matched to their ideal healthy puppy.

A Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist who studied the therapeutic advantages of having animal companionship developed the concept of Puppy Therapy. We understand the value between human connection and dogs because of the therapeutic benefits they provide. This is why we are committed to connecting you with a healthy and happy fur-ever friend. Puppies bring so much happiness to everyone and we believe that we all could benefit from a furry friend!!

At Puppy Therapy we make it our duty to provide you with a positive experience. Our founder has worked with families for decades and has carefully studied the wellbeing connection of animals and families. We want our exchange to be a positive one, this is why we offer our “Puppy-Match” service. We believe we can reduce the amount of dogs that end up in shelters using our puppy match service. As years progress shelters have been over populated due to sellers not informing new puppy owners the expectations of the care of their new puppy.



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