Loyal, affectionate, intelligent, hardworking, and good-looking, Boxers are the complete package. Bright and alert, sometimes silly, but always courageous, Boxers have long been one of America’s favorite breeds. A well-conditioned Boxer is an impressive sight, with males reaching up to 25 inches at the shoulder and females being smaller. Their muscles ripple under a short, tight-fitting coat, and their dark brown eyes and wrinkled forehead give them an alert, curious look. Their coats can be fawn or brindle with white markings. Boxers move smoothly and gracefully, with a powerful forward thrust, like the athletes they are named after. Upbeat and playful, Boxers are patient and protective, making them great with children. They take their roles as watchdogs and family guardians seriously, fearlessly meeting threats. Boxers thrive with early exposure to many people and other animals.

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