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All You Need to Know About Teacup Yorkies

All You Need to Know About Teacup Yorkies. From Hillary Duff to Whitney Houston, teacup breeds have been all the rage for a while now. They are tiny and adorable, which makes them the perfect companion when you’re looking for one.

When you’re interested in knowing more about teacup breeds, particularly Yorkies, there is a lot to learn. Here is some essential information you shouldn’t miss out on before you end up buying a teacup Yorkie:

What’s Their Size and Weight?

While there isn’t an official definition of how small teacup breeds should be, a teacup Yorkie is generally between five to seven inches tall. After they’ve reached adulthood, they will end up weighing no more than four pounds.

Traditional Yorkies will weigh anywhere above seven pounds, so the difference between a teacup variety and a traditional breed is quite a lot. When they are puppies, you might even fit one in the palm of your hand, which is how tiny they can end up being!

How Should I Take Care of Them?

As with all other teacup varieties, quite a lot of care is required for the teacup Yorkie. They must be supervised at all times because you never know what trouble they will find themselves in. The first few weeks of getting a new teacup Yorkie means 24-hour vigilance.

It would be best if your new puppy weren’t exposed to the entire house initially, as they tend to get overwhelmed. Let them adjust to a cozy environment first and then gradually open up the other spaces. As already mentioned before, this breed is particularly small, so you have to make sure you’re not stepping on them or tripping over them when walking around the house.

What to Feed Them

You will need to observe how much they eat and drink to figure out a regular eating schedule for them. A teacup Yorkie will need to eat around every four hours, and you have to ensure that you’re giving balanced meals the entire day.
While you don’t need to wake them up just to feed them, if they’re already awake, ensure you don’t miss their feeding times. If your teacup Yorkie is lacking appetite, it’s crucial for them to see a vet as soon as possible. Since they have high metabolisms, they need to eat regularly to have energy throughout the day.

Ensuring Their Continual Health

Regular appointments with a vet are a must when you want to ensure a long life for your teacup Yorkie. When your puppy is between four to eight weeks old, don’t bathe them. If you feel they need to be cleaned, consider using baby wipes or a damp towel.

Teacup breeds tend to get cold very quickly, so ensure that you have a warm and cozy bed for them and proper clothes. You might have to get sweaters for them if it’s cold where you live.

Looking for A Reliable Teacup Yorkies Breeder? We’re Here to Help

Finding an ethical breeder who can bring a happy teacup Yorkie into your home can be challenging. At My Puppy Therapy, our aim is to place our teacup breeds into a happy and loving home. We are committed to working with local and hobby breeders and helping responsible breeders place their puppies in a home that can take care of them. Call us today at 954-544-1370 for more information.

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