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Which Breed Of Teacup Puppy Is Right For You?

Which Breed of Teacup Puppy is Right for You?

Teacup puppies are so adorable, and you can’t wait to adopt one and give it a loving home. However, there are so many breeds to choose from. Do you want a tiny, classy poodle, fluffy Maltese, or a sassy little chihuahua? Adopting a dog is an important choice, as it will become a member of your family and be your constant companion. Here is a practical guide to the different breeds of teacup puppies.


These tiny dogs have big personalities and are vocal, playful, and energetic. They are loyal, confident, and great family dogs, at only 5-7 inches tall and around 2-4 pounds. Yorkshire terriers are already very popular, so the introduction of teacup Yorkies has been a hit. These bold, independent puppies make great playmates.


As one of the oldest dog breeds, existing as far back as 3,000 years ago, these dogs make amazing cuddle buddies. In ancient times, they were treated like royalty and owned by wealthy families. At 4-5 pounds and only 8 inches tall, these pups tend to have low energy and are very laid back. They are great dogs for older people or people who live in small, crowded areas, as they require little exercise. These intelligent, companionable dogs are a great choice.


This variety was originally bred to herd animals and pull sleds in rugged conditions. They were bred to weigh in at 30 pounds during this time, making them sturdy, hardworking dogs. However, during the 19th century, they were bred to be smaller to make better everyday companions. Teacup Pomeranians average between 6-10 inches high and weigh 2-5 pounds. Personality-wise, they are feisty, intelligent, and loyal.


Poodles make amazing family dogs with their intelligence, agility, and superior social skills. A huge bonus is they shed very little. Teacup poodles average about 9 inches tall and weigh around 6 pounds. Their elegant and classy pose is the picture of grace and will be an amazing addition to your family. Overall, these dogs are lively, easy to train, and sometimes have entertaining diva traits.


Chihuahua’s have gained a lot of media attention due to their small size and the ability to tote them in purses and fit them into small spaces. While they have feisty personalities, they require careful training and socialization, or they can become fearful of strangers and new places. On average, teacup Chihuahua’s are only 6 inches tall and 3 pounds, making them very tiny and fragile. However, the big personalities of these tiny puppies make them fun and exciting pet.

Shih Tzu

While Shih Tzu’s are known for demanding royal attention and treatment, they are actually very athletic and muscular. Agility courses are a great activity to pursue with them but are careful not to overwork them as their flat faces can cause difficulty breathing. Generally, they are 6 inches tall and weigh 6-7 pounds. Since they are bred to be faithful companions, they will follow loyally at your side and are amazing lap dogs.

In conclusion, there are several different breeds of teacup puppies to chose from. Look through and see which one fits your family best as you take another step towards adoption. You can view all of our puppies here on our website, or if you have any questions, contact us. If you are ready to get your own teacup pup, you can start the adoption process at My Puppy Therapy today!

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