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Teacup Poodle

How to Train Your Teacup Poodle

Teacup poodles are smart, intelligent, and active pets. While their psychological abilities and emotional range are similar to regular poodles, teacup poodles are more miniature and have more fragile bones. They need specialized physical care and have slightly different milestones timelines than full-sized poodles.

If you plan to adopt a teacup poodle, it’s crucial to work with a reputed puppy matching service team, who will ensure that the puppy you buy or adopt is healthy and at least three months old.

Use the Right Resources

Teacup poodles respond best to positive reward-based training. Also, it’s critical to use warm, affectionate gestures and tones while training your teacup poodles. Animal care experts assert it’s important to avoid rough emotional behaviors like yelling, spanking, or “time-outs” during training.

Your poodle could develop psychological trauma, depression, and anxiety if he/she is not treated with love. Adopted teacup poodles and teacup puppies are even more vulnerable to mental health problems since they may have PTSD or abandonment issues.

  • Reward your teacup puppy with a chew toy or soft toy every time the puppy obeys a command
  • Offer the puppy a treat each time your puppy learns a new task or trick.
  • Use a specific training toy that is only offered to the puppy after successful training.
  • Be patient and use positive reinforcement to encourage your puppy to learn tricks and obey commands.

Physical Activity and Socialization

Animal psychology experts assert that healthy micro puppies who get adequate physical activity and socialization opportunities daily have enhanced concentration power and improved grasping abilities.

Physical Activity: Lack of physical activity can make your puppy restless, anxious, and depressed. Teacup poodles enjoy physical play and need ample time to run, jump and explore. Physical activity and exercise will also improve the neural functioning and nervous system functioning of your dog. Improved neural functioning will lead to better sensory responsiveness.

Socialization: Teacup poodles are highly social dogs and enjoy the companionship of humans, dogs, and other pets. Dog owners should ensure puppies and adult micro poodles get sufficient opportunities to socialize with other teacup poodles. Puppies also pick up behavioral patterns and habits from other puppies they interact with.

Hire a Professional Dog Trainer

Teacup poodles are gentle dogs with fragile bones. Hiring a professional dog trainer will help minimize the risk of injuries during training. Dog training experts know and understand your teacup puppy’s physical and emotional needs and know which training strategies work best for the breed.

While the methods used to train a teacup poodle are very similar to those used to train full-size poodles, they have smaller physical structures and need gentler and more attentive care.

You could also consider enrolling your puppy in a good dog daycare service. Experts at dog daycares train your puppy using mentally stimulating games and other impactful measures.

Speak to your Vet

Your vet will educate you on your dog’s abilities and weaknesses. Since toy poodles are tinier than normal poodles, they may need more time to master new tricks and learn new commands. Your vet will also alert you on what methods should be avoided since your teacup puppy is not as strong as full-sized puppies.

Reach Out to Our Experts at Puppy Therapy

Puppy therapy is a reliable puppy matching service that specializes in teacup and toy puppy breeds. Training teacup puppies are more challenging than training other breeds. Feel free to call us at 954-544-1370 or email us at if you have queries or questions.


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